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25B BPAP Non-invasive Ventilator

EUA-cleared, CE
47,488.59 (ZAR) excluding shipping

30B BPAP Non-invasive Ventilator

EUA-cleared, CE
55,682.73 (ZAR) excluding shipping

30T BPAP Bi-Level Ventilator

EUA (FDA) Cleared CE - Approved
83,803.50 (ZAR) excluding shipping

ACM812A ICU Invasive Ventilator

For various treatment environments such as emergency room, operating theater, ambulance, patient transfer and first-aid. As of May 18, 2020 we can provide 50 ACM812A units every 10 days. Always in stock.
707,673.96 (ZAR) excluding shipping

BIPAP-20 Non-Invasive Ventilator

CE Approved
214,164.37 (ZAR) excluding shipping

DM28-30ST-BP Non-invasive Ventilator

Utilizes a simple, easy to use interactive design to visualize treatment data and to enhance the operational and patient experience. This model comes with upgraded algorithms for more comprehensive compliance.
111,737.89 (ZAR) excluding shipping