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Protective Face Shield

This product has a minimum quantity of 1500 Made in the USA. FDA-Registered Available in stock in the US
SKU: MP1015AN01
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This product has a minimum quantity of 1500

This PET material is optically clear with distortion free wrap
around face shield for maximum visibility. This disposable face
mask can be used with or without glasses or goggles. It will
provide you with an extra layer of security and comfort from
fluid and debris exposure to the facial area. The Face Shield is
made with quality material with a quick turnaround time on
orders. This Face Shield can be used in hospitals, dental offices,
and labs.

Product Specifications:
Case Size: 14" X 22" X 24"
Case Weight: 21 lbs
Qty Per Case: 336
Minimum Order 1,500 pcs

Production capacity:
50,000 pcs per day