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OH-70C Non-Invasive Ventilator

The heated humidified high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy device (HFNC) features automatic 02 concentration control technology, intelligent temperature and humidity control system, up to 70L/min high flow output. The OH-70C comes with technical support from the factory and a 1-year warranty. Both the CE certificate for this model and our proof of partnership with Micomme are available upon request.
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I. It can heat and humidity the gas to 37 ℃ and 44mg / L, reduce the consumption of heat and water, keep the airway
mucociliary function in the best state, facilitate the drainage of secretion, and reduce the incidence of pulmonary
II. China's diagnosis and treatment plan clearly points out that for severe and critical cases, HFNC can be used for
treatment when the patients can not relieve respiratory distress or hypoxemia after receiving standard oxygen therapy
III. Standard oxygen therapy improves the limited use of oxygen cooperation. Improve the stable and higher oxygen
concentration than the standard oxygen therapy. The oxygen concentration does not change with the change of the
patient's breathing state, which can meet the needs of patients' self-help breathing
IV. The secretion in the lung is sticky, which affects the ventilation effect. High flow airflow can reach or exceed the
maximum inspiration flow rate of patients' active inspiration, reduce inspiration resistance and respiratory work, and
reduce oxygen consumption
V. There are not enough professional doctors who have acknowledgement on how to operate the invasive ventilators.
But High flow oxygen ventilators are very easy to operated with the Nasal Cannula and pre-setting parameters and
fixed oxygen concentration.
VI. The most widely used in Wuhan hospitals for 95% of mild and moderate Coronavirus patients
VII. The best treatment performance ventilators in Wuhan hospitals
VIII. 95% doctors like these ventilators because it can reduce the risk of infection to doctors
IX. This ventilator not just improve and support the breathing but can also prevent the coronavirus