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NPZ5 Electrical ICU Bed

1. Function: 5 Functions 2. Size: 2100*960*500MM 3. Certification: ISO/FDA/CE
$4,091.75 excluding shipping

IM ICU Patient Monitor

12.1 inches high resolution color tft display optional full touch-screen for easy operation attractive and durable silicon buttons with backlight.
$4,381.85 excluding shipping

ACM812A ICU Invasive Ventilator

For various treatment environments such as emergency room, operating theater, ambulance, patient transfer and first-aid. As of May 18, 2020 we can provide 50 ACM812A units every 10 days. Always in stock.
$58,017.55 excluding shipping

IC8010 Non-Invasive ICU Ventilator

CE / TUV- Certified - Not for US Main Features Ventilation type: Dual channel NIV Ventilation Display mode: 12.1 inch TFT color touch screen, display a full range of monitoring parameters; Display setting parameters, alarm info, waveforms, loops in same interface Driven mode: Turbine Humidifier: Adjustable temperature Log sheet: hrs trends, 2000 logs, could save and transfer patient's data Casters: Central brake with lock
$33,421.16 excluding shipping

T7 ICU Ventilator

This model is CE marked and FDA approved T7 ventilator with both non-invasive and invasive ventilation capabilities. We are told it performs on the same level if not better than the VG70 and is the preferred model for hospitals who have used both.
$64,124.66 excluding shipping

VG70 ICU Ventilator

(FDA, CE Certificate) Superior Mobile ICU Ventilator : 500 in stock; 500 per week capacity An Optimal Combination of Invasive and Noninvasive Ventilation. · Comprehensive ICU ventilator including BIVENT and PRVC Compact, big capacity battery, no air compressor, intra-hospital mobility · Flexible device configuration: equipped on a trolley, bed or ceiling pendant
$75,575.50 excluding shipping