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Disposable Surgical Apron

CE and FDA Certificates Sterilized Disposable Medical Apron
HK$81.84 excluding shipping

Disposable Surgical Gown

CE, ISO certificates Disposable surgical gown for minimizing cross-infection during surgery. Designed for safety and comfort for both patients and surgeons during long surgeries.
HK$163.22 excluding shipping

Disposable Surgical Gown, Level 2

Material: Non-Woven or Film-Laminated Non-Woven Protection: Bacteria, Viruses, Blood Features: Elastic Cuffs, Closed Front Certifications: CE, ISO13485, FDA
HK$51.23 excluding shipping

Disposable Surgical Gown, Level 2 Reinforced

Material: SMS, Spun lace (Non-Woven) Custom-Manufactured Fabric Type: Sterile, Reinforced Protection: Level 2 (Bacteria, Viruses, Blood, etc.) Certifications: CE, ISO13485, FDA
HK$56.81 excluding shipping