The Nobles of Global Trade

Culture and Values

Davis Trade & Commodities (DTC) is a global merchandiser and trader of commodities and agricultural goods, operating a significant network of resources and assets around the world. Our success is driven by a set of values that are rooted in the principles and culture established by the founder of our company. Today they continue to guide us in the pursuit of achieving our strategic goals and objectives.

Throughout the DTC’s history, our values have informed our behavior, directed our decision making, and enabled us to remain open to constant learning. They have helped maintain a consistent, ethical and enduring culture.

Understanding our values - the source of our distinctiveness and strength - is an important part of understanding Davis Trade & Commodities and becoming part of our team. As we have grown, we have worked hard to disseminate our values to all employees and stakeholders, whichever part of the business they work in. Our leaders aim to lead by example and employees and stakeholders are expected to uphold our values in everything they do on behalf of the company.

Our Values



Our commitment is in the way we build relationships based on trust with partners at every stage of the value chain, upholding the highest ethical standards while pursuing excellence.



Our leading position makes us fully conscious of our responsibility to act with integrity and continually question the way we work so that we always engage with and learn from our customers, partners, and communities.



Our global perspective promotes respect for diversity across every aspect of our business and in all the communities where we operate.



Our entrepreneurial spirit drives growth by supporting people in taking initiatives with strong risk management to enable fast, clear, and informed decision-making.