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30T BPAP Bi-Level Ventilator

EUA (FDA) Cleared CE - Approved
$6,870.50 excluding shipping

YH-725 Bi-Level Ventilator

Aproved: FDA + CE Bi-level device is indicated for treatment of sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome in patients weighing more than 66lb (30kg). It is intended both for home use and hospital use. The humidifier is intended for single patient use in the home environment and re-use in a hospital/institutional environment
$12,153.15 excluding shipping

YH-730 Bi-Level Ventilator

EUA (FDA) Cleared IS013485 /CE /CFDA
$15,862.61 excluding shipping

YH-830b Bi-Level Ventilator

Without Humidifier EUA (FDA) Cleared IS013485 /CE /CFDA
$17,542.67 excluding shipping