Our Products


Our vines have been bathing themselves in the California sun for quite some time now. Just so we could ensure the ripest and juiciest grape around. 

Peas & Lentils

We’re not one to brag, but our peas & lentils  are simply the best you’ve ever had. There frankly the best quality and variety while grown fresh, sweet, crisp and delicious. Fill all of your salads, pastas or as a snack and you’ll see just what we’re talking about.


We think that radishes sometimes get a bad rap. But, nothing beats their unique flavor in salads, or even on your favorite Mexican dish. 

Davis Trade & Commodities

International Trade and Compliance. An Export Management Company.


Our asparagus is a perfect side dish for your summertime BBQ. There sure to send smiles around your table like you’ve never experienced with such a versatile vegetable. 


Not only are our oranges our pride and joy, but they also are a huge crowd pleasure for every type of taste bud in your family. 

Red Onions

Perfect for all of your salads and hamburgers this season, our onions are sure to knock your socks off. Gifted with a crunch and a touch of sweetness our onions give you something to talk about. 


Our sweet corn stalks have matured in a magnificent way this season. There sure achieve all customers satisfaction and for any activity where food is involved. 


OK, they’re not just gorgeous, our grains are the best quality, organic and easy to classify. All shipments and vessels are inspected at loading  and USDA certified. Our service is second to none.